March 14, 2020

To: Balesin Members and Friends

I am in Balesin as I write this.

I have just heard about the imposition of a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am. Wow! Worse than martial law, when the curfew was from midnight to 5 am. What will happen to all the little people who earn their livelihood from so many establishments which operate at night time?

Last night, in one of the TV channels, I watched an elderly woman being interviewed at one of the NAIA airport terminals. She had just returned from Tarlac, but her flight to the South; I think Guimaras, had just been cancelled. She said that she didn’t know how to get a refund for her ticket and she was out of money and fearful of where and how she would get her next meal. She was trembling with fear, not knowing what to do.

I feel very lucky to be in Balesin with my son Julian, my daughter Michelle and son-in-law Frank, and my favorite granddaughter, Lia (I have only one!), with the beautiful and balmy weather, the purest fresh air, and a pristine sea around us. While I make no medical claims, I feel that there is no better place to sit out COVID-19 and all of the trials and tribulations in Metro Manila, and to escape the inevitable boredom of the lockdown and now, the curfew.

I want to close by letting you know that we will fly as many flights a day as may be needed from Clark to Balesin, and back. I just hope that they don’t stop you in one of the checkpoints as you make your way to Clark!


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