March 1, 2016

To: Balesin Members and Friends


After almost a year of some of the most difficult negotiations I have ever gone through in my entire career, I am delighted to inform you that the 68- passenger ATR72 500 has this afternoon arrived in Manila, after the ferry flight from Toulouse, France. We now have to complete the necessary documentations, and I sincerely hope that we can have the aircraft available to serve you by next week. The aircraft is now parked in the Alphaland Hangar in NAIA and those of you who are coming to Balesin can actually see it. 

Mike Asperin and Noel de los Reyes, Chairman and President of Alphaland Aviation respectively, are delighted at how great the aircraft looks. Our Chief ATR pilot, Captain Ed Lopez, is itching to fly the plane to Balesin, but as a newly acquired aircraft, we simply have to comply with all the regulatory requirements.   


I am presently in Balesin and have not had a chance to view the aircraft, but I think I am going back to Manila within the next few days because I also am eager to see it. The ATR72 500 is one of the most reliable aircrafts in service in most regional carriers around the world. Over a thousand of them have been manufactured and are still being manufactured in Toulouse.   


This is a major milestone in improving our service to our members and guests of Balesin Island Club.   


I also wish to remind you of my previous email on February 4th where I reported to you the new reduced tariff schedules for our members (copy attached).   


Pardon me if I sound overly effusive, but I have never been so elated today as I have been since we completed the Balesin Royal Villa!



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