Balesin Island's Luxurious New Yacht Is Fully Furnished in Versace

06/14/2017 | By: Yanna Lopez, Culture

It’s a literal dreamboat!

Balesin Island Club’s new super yacht, the M/Y Obsessions, has set sail—and it’s decked and furnished in head-to-toe Versace!

IMAGE Courtesy of Balesin Island Club

Balesin’s Chairman Roberto V. Ongpin says of the sleek, 130-foot vessel, “The M/Y Obsessions was built by Heesen Yachts in the Netherlands, who specialize in all-aluminum hulls that enable the yacht to travel at a much faster speed than steel-hull yachts. With a top speed of 32 knots, the Obsessions can actually outrun occasional rough seas and foul weather.”

Obessions’ decadent interiors were designed by Ann Van Der Kamp and Diaship, using sumptuous materials from Gianni Versace’s luxury Italian label.

“Since it arrived, we have had almost daily charters and without exception, guests have thoroughly enjoyed the island cruising experience or the sunset cruise at Balesin.” Delicious bites included, natch!

IMAGE Courtesy of Balesin Island Club

“We do allow tours so you can size up the yacht…The addition of [Obsessions] to the amenities of Balesin has been welcomed most enthusiastically by our members and their guests. One of our members even wanted to buy the yacht, but I told him it is not for sale, as I want our Balesin members to enjoy it!” Roberto continues enthusiastically. Ready to board this (literal) dreamboat? For potential bookings, you can download the Obsessions’ reservation form right here or contact Balesin Island Club at tel. no. +632 337 2055!

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