Toscana 2014

To: Balesin Members and Friends

This is just a short note to let you know that at long last, despite Rico Sison having gone AWOL during the Christmas season, Toscana will be operational and open for business by Friday January 24th.

I spent most of this weekend inspecting not only the villas but the grounds of Toscana and I bet my bottom dollar that you will be pleased.  Additionally, my wife Monica and I have been eating there almost everyday and making sure that the food is truly authentic Tuscan.  As you know, the eight restaurants we have in Toscana have been operational for almost a month now.  Monica and I have been critiquing the food, so that it is now as if we were dining in one of our favorite restaurants in Tuscany.  As you know, I brought back almost half a plane load of the best Tuscan prosciutto, salami and cheeses and I intend to continue doing that since they are our best sellers.

Except for one email I received, which complained that we do not serve “normal” Italian food, our executive chef who I have re-christened Marco Bidello (Mark Biddle), who actually has Italian roots since his sister is married to an Italian and he himself has spent at least six months in Italy, we have received nothing but kudos for the quality of our Tuscan food.  As I told the member who wrote me an email, it is precisely our intention not to serve “normal” Italian food with all of the gooey tomato sauces.  We want to serve real Tuscan food with its typical white wine and olive oil sauces, pesto, and of course, garlic.

Rico has really outdone himself in each of the 32 villas to make you feel like you are in Tuscany and then you look out of your balcony and admire the three swimming pools (one saltwater pool and two fresh) and the sea beyond, together with Rico’s inimitable landscaping touch and you feel that you are actually in Tuscany!

With the completion of Toscana, Balesin Island Club is now fully finished, with 300 villas in seven villages, every single one of which we are proud of!

Benvenuti in Toscana!

Buon Appetito!


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