JUNE 8, 2021

Dear Balesin Members and Friends

Tang Palace

We had our soft opening of Tang Palace, our new Chinese restaurant, last Friday night. My family, including my sister Deanna, and Maribel my sister-in-law, and her daughter Joanna and husband Ramon Duarte were my guests, and we totally enjoyed the dinner. There were a few kinks, but on the whole, an excellent Chinese dinner.

We were open on Saturday and Sunday, but we limited the number of guests to only 30 each for lunch and dinner. Overall, I have had good feedback. We intend to gradually increase the number of guests this coming weekend, which will be a busy one.

Candock Swimming Platform

The platform arrived today, and is being assembled, as I write this. It will be stationed about a hundred meters from the shoreline in front of the Balesin Sala, and will also be used as a ferry for the guests to and from Fish Fun to the M/Y Obsessions.

Balesin Sala

The Balesin Sala, since we built the deck around the big tree and put multicolored “bean bags” on the lawn, has been very welcomed by our members and guests, and now competes with Nusa Dua during sunset time.

Horse Stables at the Beach

We are constructing stables for six horses near the beach at the Balesin Sala to make it more convenient for our members and guests. Our horses love being ridden on the beach. Incidentally, in the last two months, two foals were born in Balesin, so that we now have 15 horses in our stables. Lia, my Commander-in-Chief, has named one “Olive” and the other, “Misty.”

Anti-COVID Vaccine

I regret that I am unable to give you more definite information about the delivery of our Moderna vaccines. We ordered them some months ago, but we simply cannot get a delivery commitment. We are told that they will be available by “probably” mid-July, but cannot guarantee it.

As you know, we ordered 10,000 doses, which is sufficient for all our staff, their families, the Balesin barangay, and our members. We shall update you as soon as we have more definite word.

Membership Dues

Balesin started to operate in June 2011. At that time, our monthly dues were Php5,000 per month (plus VAT). In late 2016, five years later, we increased the dues to Php6,000 per month (plus VAT). Now, another five years later, we need to increase our dues by Php1,000 or Php7,000 per month (plus VAT). The pressure from the greatly increased fuel costs, particularly diesel, has been a big strain. This increase in dues will be credited to consumables. Thus, the monthly dues of Php7,000 will include Php4,000 as consumables.

Please note that the dues for Gold members has always been Php1,000 more than for Diamond and for Platinum members. Thus, the new rate for Gold members will be Php8,000 per month plus VAT, with Php4,000 being consumables.

This increase in association dues will be effective on June 16, 2021.

The continuing warm weather since we reopened two weeks ago, has been welcomed by all, and Balesin has been very busy these past few days.

I look forward to welcoming you back to our island paradise!


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