JULY 13, 2021

Dear Balesin Members and Friends

I don’t know about you, but I find that I have great difficulty describing what Balesin is all about. It is truly unique in the world and in my obviously biased opinion, its beauty is indescribable!

Thus, almost five years ago, we made our first video of Balesin. Since then, we have added quite a few new features to the island. So, we have just updated the video, and I am pleased to send you a link herewith.

Please click: Balesin Island Club video

I am often asked about Balesin, and rather than trying to put it in words, I just pull out my cell phone or computer and play them this video. I find it amazingly effective. You are welcome to share this video of our beloved Balesin with all of your friends.

The videography has been done by one of our loyal members, Marty Ilagan, and of course, the voiceover by my inimitable daughter, Anna.



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