December 16, 2014

To: Balesin Members and Friends

It is a sunny day today at Balesin as I write this.  Certainly much more welcome than yesterday which was a bit wet.  I would like to write you this short update so that I can tell you quickly about the good news in store for you for the coming holidays.

First, The Balesin Royal Villa was inaugurated last Saturday amid the oohs and aahs of our members and their guests.  In response to the clamor of many of our members, we have decided to allow bookings at The Balesin Royal Villa on a “retail basis.”  As opposed to the previous policy that members take all or nothing of the 14 suites, we now have decided to allow individual bookings for the Royal Villa suites (10 Royal suites and 4 Maharlika suites), provided that there are at least five suites booked for that particular day.  Otherwise, it does not make economic sense for the Club.  The details of this are included in the attached Balesin Royal Villa booking reservations guidelines.  As usual, as is our normal policy, members will be given preference. 

All bookings must be made through:

            our General Manager, Aris Alcuaz
            tel nbr: +63908 899 5606

            or Senior Operations Manager Alex Cenzon
            tel nbr: +63999 887 8248

The other piece of good news is that PAL Express has decided to increase the availability of flights to Balesin during the holiday season and beyond.  We have been assured a total of at least 27 flights on the Bombardier Q300s, which have a 56-passenger capacity.  Thus, in addition to our own fleet and other chartered aircraft which we have lined up, we can carry as many as a thousand passengers in one day.  I am particularly pleased by this development in getting to and from the island, which has been a hassle for members and guests.  The PAL Express flights make all that a thing of the past.    

I am also pleased to announce that both SMART and Globe are now fully operational on the island.  So those of you with Globe phones will now be able to use them, in addition to the existing SMART service.

The Internet access though is not quite up to scratch for either Globe or SMART, but they are both working hard to get it done.  Nothing like competition!

Many of you have probably heard the fabulous tenor Jon Joven at our previous concerts on the island.  I am delighted to inform you that Jon, whom I have christened “Bon Jovi,” has agreed to join Alphaland full time as Entertainment Director and Resident Tenor.  He will split his time between Balesin and The City Club.  I am pleased to let you know that the Balesin Music Lounge, located on the first floor of Costa del Sol, will be the permanent home for Jon, and will be ready for your after-hours entertainment.  If you have not heard him sing yet, I have no doubt that you will be impressed.  Listening to Jon sing brings me back to my youth where there were “some enchanted evenings.”

Lastly, lest I get carried away with Jon, Jose Mari Chan, one of the original Balesin members and one of my all-time favorites, will be performing at Balesin on December 28.

I and my wife Monica will be spending the holidays at Balesin and we look forward to seeing you all there.

That’s all folks!


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