Build infrastructures like Balesin, RP urged

02/13/2017 | By: Ed Velasco, The Daily Tribune News

With the economy growing to unexpected level, it is more fitting that more infrastructure outside the metropolis and the capital be built to serve tourists and businessmen spending days or weeks in the country.

Since Metro Manila and the provinces are both frequented by tourists, more investors should try to level up their investment journey so that even the affluent can be tapped.

“Bottom line is still infrastructure. Good venture capitalism need not be for members only but the quality is the name of the game,” Margarito Teves, a former secretary of Finance, told the Daily Tribune in an interview.

He said facilities like Balesin, a sun-kissed, tranquil island in Polilio, Quezon, is one fine example of this type of investment. Interestingly, this investment has a sister-type facility in Makati known as Alphaland City Club. Now with 900-plus members, the city club is expected to attract more members due to its carefully maintained facilities like indoor basketball court, badminton court, tennis, squash, spa, jacuzzis and gym.

The place is dubbed “a resort within Makati” because all the facilities needed are located in one building. Children will also enjoy the place as it has game room and playground.

The facility values the privacy of its executive members because it has full service function rooms available 24/7 for any important meetings. It has eight specialty restaurants in three floors with total area of three hectares. Sources in the real estate industry said wherever the investments would be, whether within the metropolis or in far-flung provinces, there should be master planning.

The investor must also be a “builder and a doer” meaning someone who has a vision and courage to do very challenging things.

“No developer will ever build a dream place like Balesin. It takes a lot of vision and courage to develop and preserve an island like Balesin. The development created jobs and education opportunities for the local community.

Bright students are sent for scholarships in Metro Manila. Balesin is properly masterplanned unlike other beach development in the country,” a real estate expert from Wales said.

A research conducted by the Tribune revealed that the majority owner of the 500-hectare beach lived there for three years to build the paradise-like resort.

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