Balesin Island Club

04/11/2013 | By: Rica de Jesus, Heart 2 Heart

And we finally arrived at the airport


And we finally arrived at the airport



We were greeted by Boly, the General Manager of Balesin. Dad and Mom know him because he is the husband of one of our Managers in Starbucks, Macy, who is based in Cebu


Beautiful landscaping





Very interesting to meet Marco Diaz, nephew of Gloria Diaz and cousin of Illac Diaz. Marco was the one who developed the island and made it self sustainable. He told me that what he does is the same as what Illac does for the poor though he does it as a job and for resorts all over the world. He used to work for the Taj group


We did not go anywhere by land except to the club house for lunch and to this very beautiful and humongous Balete tree! Tito Rob made sure he brought us to see this. He told us a story about the Banyan tree in Hong Kong that was in between the Conrad Hotel and the Island Shangri-la Hotel. The Banyan Tree there is known to be the most expensive tree in the world since the two hotels had to build around the tree to preserve it. And Tito Robbie said that this Banyan tree in Balesin is even bigger than that one in Hong Kong


Only Smart network available on the island!

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